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Scott Schwarz - 864-569-0369
  • Business Category: Advertising - Promotional Products
  • Phone: 864-569-0369
  • City: Simpsonville
  • State: South Carolina
  • Zip Code: 29681

Scott Schwarz

AllOver Media

AllOver Media has established itself as the market leader in the ever changing Out-Of-Home media industry.  We specialize in targeting the hard to reach “on the go” consumer in a relaxed, uncluttered environment.  We have the most comprehensive local (and national) network of restaurants, sports bars, health clubs and arenas.  Indoor advertising is the ultimate in captive audience marketing.  This captive audience guarantees that your ad will be read and reaches a qualified market.  You can’t drive by, flip through, change the channel or turn off indoor ads.  And, Indoor advertising is cost effective when compared to traditional advertising mediums.

The Boston Globe said this about indoor advertising.  “This is the only place in the world people would stand in line to read advertising.  A study by Rice University shows the amount of time reader’s  focus on restroom advertising is about a minute for men and two for women.  You’ve got their undivided attention.

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