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Randy Ramsey
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Security Lock & Safe Co. has been servicing the locksmith needs of Richland and Lexington county for 15 years. We service, sell and repair any type of lock, door, safe, exit device, door closer, door hinge, lever lock, rollup gate, security grill, deadbolt or door knob. We can give you 1 grand master key in your pocket that will open every lock on every door you have in your home and your office. No matter if you are a property manager with 100 homes or 100 offices, we can create a master key system for you that allows you to have 1 key that opens every lock on every door on every building. Some of our clients do not want keys and opt for our keyless access control systems. Our stand alone access control locks will allow you to unlock every door that has an access lock with a code you know instead a key you have. You cannot be locked out of these access control locks because it works off of something you know, instead of a key you have with you. Even the cheapest lock money can buy will keep you locked out if you forget the key that works it. But our access control locks will let you in every time because of the code you know instead of the key you have to have with you.

We also offer private, uncopyable, unpickable locks for your home or business that you control. If you lose a key holding employee, just get their key back when they leave and you never have to have your locks rekeyed because no one can copy our private keys. If you do not get the key back from the employee then yes, you would have to have the locks rekeyed, but we would suggest making the employee aware of their responsibility to pay for the rekeying service upon failure to return there private key. This way you never have to pay for the rekeying of your building. Every employee is informed of there responsibility as a key holder at the time they are assigned a key by you. When they sign the key list as having received a private key they are also signing an agreement to pay for the buildings rekeying in the event they lose or do not return their key upon request.

We are technically consultants first and locksmiths second. We help you define exactly what you need pertaining to your home or business security first and then give you 2 realistic options to achieve you security needs. We also install and repair commercial grade steel doors and frames and all glass aluminum store front systems and Herculite doors, drop bolt locks and pivot hinges.

Call me (Randy Ramsey) at 803-996-5625 and let me help you get exactly what you want and need for your security and convenience.