Our Focus

Is To Do Business Better !!

I Got A Lead For You is all about building our team members businesses.

Our approach is  very different. Imagine having a silent salesforce that is constantly and intentionally on the lookout for possible projects, bids or new business for you and your company.

Our meetings have a purpose... to Do Business Better!

Each week in different locations across South Carolina, independent business owners, sales people and key company employees meet with a desire to learn from each other how they can do business better. Building strategic relationships across different market channels that provide access to new key decision makers. Relationships that could take months if not years to gain access to.

Our meetings are interactive and productive during a normal business breakfast or lunch time period. Membership does require attendance and participation, as any team would, which is all part of the process of developing and building these strategic relationships.

Are you a five star recruit?

Join us for one of our team meetings and experience the difference...
Not a group, not a club... We are a team!
It truly is an environment that will challenge and encourage you to help other business owners, which will ultimately build your business as you build new strategic business relationships.

Member Spotlight

Gregg Richey
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