I Got A Lead For You teams are the newest and greatest opportunity for you to GROW your business. Identify the closest location that is in the sphere of influence of your business and get connected to professionals that will help you build your business.
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Member Spotlight

  • Will Hines
    Financial Services
  • Shannon Rikard
    Insurance - Personal
  • Scott Schwarz
    Advertising - Promotional Products
  • Gregg Richey
    Sign Shop
  • Randy Ramsey
  • Silas Parker
    Real Estate - Residential
  • Dr. Michelle Fox
  • Jim DeWitt
    Security Systems - Sales & Monitoring
  • Michael Campbell
    Landscape Services
  • Sarah Mitchell
    Identity Theft/Legal Plans
  • Greg Weinstein
    Web Development
  • Johnathan Burgess
    Insurance - Personal
  • Brian Schwanbeck
    Insurance - Personal
  • Stewart Hudspeth
    Insurance - Commercial
  • Jennifer Cash
    Financial Services
  • Kyle Egelhoff
    Staffing Solutions
  • Jada McAbee
  • John Duncan
    Financial Services
  • Travis Riddle
  • Christopher Pellerito
  • Michael Murray
    Payroll Services
  • Ryan Barrick
    Pest Control
  • Andy Ronemus
    Business Financing
  • John Farrall
    Direct Mail
  • Nathan Tschetter
    Video Advertising
  • Paul Macolly
    Health Insurance
  • Daryl Frisk
    IT Services
  • David White Jr.
    Attorney - Real Estate
  • Madison King
    Financial Services
  • David Stout
    Pest Control
  • Tom Crowe
    Real Estate - Residential

The Power ofOne Multiplied

What does this mean?

If you are your number one sales person, who is your number two?

Imagine having up to 20 professionals that work in different industries focused on identifing and passing you QUALIFIED referrals!

I Got A Lead For You is a fresh new approach for doing business better.

The I Got A Lead For You team is behind you focused on meeting, sharing and delivering qualified leads to grow your business.

Not A Group... Not A Club... We Are A Team!

You bet there is a difference. Imagine having a team of professionals that have committed to growing your business.

It truly is an environment that will challenge and encourage you to help other business owners, which will ultimately build your business as you build new strategic business relationships.

Our weekly meetings are on purpose and all about building each others business. 


Postings from team members that have proved to be valuable information that has helped to shape us all to Do Business Better.