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  • A Timely Response

    19 Aug 2013 / by admin

    Let’s be honest, this can be a struggle for everyone, especially for those of us that are on the road doing the sales thing. Being on the road you will usually find yourself in the car or with customers, so responding to leads or customer requests in a timely manner ...

  • The Next Step

    15 Aug 2013 / by admin

    So what’s next?   When you finish speaking with a customer, both parties should walk away knowing exactly what comes next.  After clarifying that everyone is on the same page with hopes, expectations, thoughts, goals, etc. clear next steps should be defined… who does what now and when. This takes practice.  ...

  • Brief, Compelling and Repeatable

    12 Aug 2013 / by admin

    When you walk out of a potential customer’s office or hang up the phone, what do you leave behind?  What “sells” for you after you leave?  More often than not, it is the person on the other end of the conversation.  Your beautiful sales collateral can get stuck in a ...