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Seven for 2017 | Greg Richey SpeedPro

Seven for 2017 | Greg Richey SpeedPro

15 Jan 2017 / by admin

On the Greenville Team each team member enjoys the opportunity and responsibility to deliver a message (aka The Business Bite) in a rotation. This week Gregg Richey with SpeedPro Imagining Greenville delivered a message and a commitment to his team. There was something for everyone to take away to help elevate their game.

It’s that time of year again…out with the old in with the new…turn over a new leaf…lose weight, exercise more, spend time with the family, blah, blah, blah. We all have things we want to do better. So I asked myself, how can I personally make this group better? How can I be a better IGAL’er? What specific things can I do to increase the productivity of the group overall? How can I become a better vessel for my brothers and sisters?

Nothing ever happens if you don’t write it down. So after a little pondering, here’s my new year’s resolutions, goals, objectives or my 7 for 17 for IGAL:

  • SHOW UP – be dependable, be visible and be approachable.
  • BE A BETTER DATER – initiate the request for a business date, PREPARE questions that will help you and your new source determine the best indicators for their perfect prospect. It’s hard to listen with your mouth open so LISTEN! Be prepared and don’t waste their time. (CREATE FORM)
  • BE INTENTIONAL – remind yourself daily of those indicators, especially for those outside your circle of influence and be purposeful in your hunt to create prospects for your other colleagues.
  • FOLLOW UP – when you receive referrals, treat them with respect, like a check waiting to be cashed. And always follow up with the “giver”. Let them know about your initial contact and periodic progress. It shows respect and that you value their time and information…and do it within 24 hours.
  • ALWAYS SAY THANKS – whether the lead closes or not, be polite and respectful. A note, an email, a text. It doesn’t matter, just do it. An attitude of gratitude will take you a long way in life.
  • YOU HAVE TO ‘PUT IN’ BEFORE YOU ‘TAKE OUT’ – if you create a reputation as a dependable giver, then others will work just as hard to reciprocate.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS – 36-24-4. 36 referrals to give, 24 dates to be made and 4 new members to recruit.

What are your goals?

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