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  • The MSR = The Morning Success Ritual

    The MSR = The Morning Success Ritual

    13 Nov 2016 / by admin

    How would you perform in your business if you were able to start your morning out focused and prepared to take on the challenges ahead of you?...

  • The Importance of Good Character In The Workplace

    The Importance of Good Character In The Workplace

    06 Sep 2016 / by admin

    Good character can make your office relationships more meaningful. The reason character is so important is because it's the non-negotiable part of who you are....

  • 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

    7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

    01 Apr 2016 / by admin

    Are you ready to build your business and hear how effective Networking Events are and can be? However, like everything else in life there are some good ways and better ways to build your professional network. Below are 7 of the best ways to get the most out of your ...

  • Get Up and Throw Rocks!

    Get Up and Throw Rocks!

    25 Sep 2015 / by admin

    You do not have to be the best salesperson, but if you LOVE what you do, you will shine.  This leads me to the 10 steps I have discovered to become a great salesperson. Top sales people love what they do. They decide Exactly what they want – Set goals ...

  • Optimizing Your Goal Setting

    09 Jul 2015 / by admin

    Identify the Areas of Your Life That Need the Most Work   Today, I am going to talk about goals.  Obviously, you all are business people.  You all have goals for your business.  Most likely you have financial goals, you have customer acquisition goals, and how many customers you need to reach in ...

  • Be the Leader of You

    29 May 2015 / by admin

    In a small business, YOU may be the only representative of your company that your contacts ever see. (YOU may be the only one there is!) You may not have a staff to inspire and lead, but YOU are always the leader of you.  As a business owner or freelancer, ...

  • Victor Lester, Coldwell Banker Caine in the Business Spotlight

    24 Mar 2015 / by admin

    With Coldwell Banker, you’re selecting the Upstate’s most trusted name in Real Estate.  Coldwell banker Caine is among the top 2% of all Coldwell Banker firms – with the #1 Coldwell Banker office in South Carolina and the entire Southern Region.  Caine’s average sales price was 38% more than the ...

  • Steve Jobs on Perseverance

    23 Mar 2015 / by admin

    He came, he saw, he conquered…and he left behind some words to live by: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” Everyone says they go the extra mile. Almost no one actually does. Most people who do go there think, ...

  • Be Present in the Conversation – Improving Initial Impressions

    12 Jan 2015 / by admin

      It’s been said that you have as few as seven seconds to make a first impression, and that number could be considered very generous. So, what steps can we take to make a solid first impression? Utilizing the scientific findings pertaining to first impressions, we know that practicing these simple ...

  • 3 Phrases of an IGAL Team Relationship

    16 Sep 2014 / by admin

    The whole idea of networking in any type of group really boils down to moving your relationship through a pretty specific series of phases that you will have with the others on the team. The message today is to reassure the newer members on the team that being in IGAL ...