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Be the Leader of You

29 May 2015 / by admin

In a small business, YOU may be the only representative of your company that your contacts ever see. (YOU may be the only one there is!) You may not have a staff to inspire and lead, but YOU are always the leader of you. 

As a business owner or freelancer, you have lots of challenges.  But when YOU are prioritizing, these should be at the top of our list:

  • Keeping yourself motivated
  • Maximizing every client interaction, every networking opportunity, every conversation and closed deal to make them PROFITABLE, not just PRODUCTIVE.

So what are the most impactful ways YOU can maximize YOUR business behaviors to build a following and not only satisfy your clients, but recruit them to actively bring you more business?

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk:

YOU may be the only person in your organization, but you can still be a leader . . . a leader of YOU!

Deliver the goods: There’s no one to pass the buck to, so YOU must deliver!

Stop listening to yourself. Start talking to yourself.  Plenty of meetings have ended with my inner self saying “They aren’t the ideal client. Don’t bother following up with them.” or “Take it easy this afternoon. Don’t make that new client contact. It can wait.”  That’s when you say “self, shut up!” Carry through with the behaviors you have identified as necessary to make or break your success.

Constantly improve:  Are you better at your job today than you were a month ago?  If not, you may be stagnating.

Treat Yourself Like a Brand:

Big companies develop loyalty and brand recognition by strategically promoting the features and benefits of the brand. Since you are the brand, promote yourself!

Ask yourself:

What sets YOU apart from competitors or colleagues?  Not what sets your product or company apart, but what sets YOU apart?

What have YOU done lately that is outstanding? Personal service? Extra mile? Unique product or delivery? Nothing? Then ask yourself why.

Would you want to be your own customer?  Put yourself in the shoes of your most recent client.  Would YOU give yourself repeat business?

What would you like to be known for? I like to think of it this way:  What habit, or unique character aspect would you like to be Famous for?  Do something well enough that, if the world knew, YOU would be on the news tonight.




Be Selfish! 
You may have noticed that in this post I have emphasized “YOU.” That’s exactly what I want YOU to do!


Develop your skills – Personal development is important. Read books, meet with other business people, find a mentor.  Work on yourself every day. Assess and adjust to what you find.


Focus on YOU! talk about you, establish yourself as an expert in your field through a youtube channel or blog. Become a guest blogger for an industry publication or group, write a whitepaper. Teach a class or do a local radio show.  Tell people what you know.


Promote yourself – network more and do it on purpose.  Find a local peer networking group that is serious and selective about membership, like I Got a Lead For You.  It will be the best money and time you spend for your business.


Speak with authority – Be powerful in speech and actions. If you get a chance to tell others about what YOU do, don’t hold back.  Let them see your passion and make them feel how sincere you are in the belief that there is no one better at this than YOU.   And if you don’t believe it, don’t say it.



Finally, start focusing on YOU with this exercise:

Write your best feature / benefits in 25 words or less. Read it out loud. Ask others to read it and see if they agree. Have someone else write it for YOU.  Do this every few months to take your motivational pulse.

Start the focus on YOU today. Let me know how it goes @availabletech. If I don’t get back with  you right away, its because I am busy working on ME!

Mike Lane is the owner of Available Technologies in Greenville, South Carolina. He is one of the founding members of the IGAL Greenville Team and committed to helping all business enjoy a secure work environemnet.

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