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Optimizing Your Goal Setting

09 Jul 2015 / by admin

Identify the Areas of Your Life That Need the Most Work


Today, I am going to talk about goals.  Obviously, you all are business people.  You all have goals for your business.  Most likely you have financial goals, you have customer acquisition goals, and how many customers you need to reach in order to meet your customer goals which ultimately ties into your financial goals.  You probably have these broken down into year, quarters, months, weeks, and maybe even days.

We are going to look at 8 key areas in your life that you may not be addressing because you are so focused on the financial and customer acquisition goals.  Let’s look at those 10 key areas that will give your life a balance that will then flow over into your business productivity, happiness, connection with clients, and stress management.

I would like you to rate yourself in those areas from a 1 which is extremely dissatisfied to a 5 which would be extremely satisfied in that area of your life.  Of course a 3 is neutral and you can figure out the rest from there.  So, the first goal is:

1. Fun/Leisure – Do you have hobbies, do you vacation, how do you re-charge, or do you not  recharge?  Is your tank operating on empty or do you feel filled up.

2. Environment – Your environment is where you spend your day.  Your office, your car, your home.  Is it organized, disorganized, how is your filing system, your calendar?  Can you find things quickly, are you rooting through papers on your desk or is your desktop cleaned up at the end of the day?

3. Spirituality/Faith – Do you go to church, pray, meditate, give back to the community

4. Personal Growth – Are you bettering yourself, attending seminars, reading books?  Are you continuing to learn, grow, and develop new skills in your life and business?

5. Friend & Family Relationship – This includes your immediate family, children, siblings, extended family and friends.  Is there mutual love and respect, is there an emotional connection, communication.  What about your spouse. Again is there mutual love, respect, an emotional connection.  Do you spend quality time together, are you connected.

6. Physical and Emotional Health – This is your overall wellness, your physical health.  Are you managing stress, getting your sleep, how is your nutrition, your energy levels and your overall well-being? How do you feel about yourself, what do you believe about yourself and importance to others.  How is your mental well-being, your overall happiness, your stress management?

7. Career & Profession – This includes your profession, your volunteer work.  Are you following your passion?  Are you giving back to the community and serving others through your profession.

8. Financial Status – Do you have savings, debt, sound investments, do you understand your financial position, your financial statements, do you have financial independence, retirement in place?

So now, that you have rated all areas of your life.  Now what?  So just glance through those 8 areas and look at the areas where you scored a 4-5.  Those are areas in your life that you are naturally strong in.  You may have developed those areas already or it just comes natural for you to focus on those areas in your life.  Those are the areas when life falls apart, you probably will continue to pay attention to those areas and keep them strong.  The areas where you are a 1-2 are the areas that need improvement.  Those are the areas that may be holding you back in your business.  They could be stopping you from having the balance in your life that will give you overall success in your business and in your overall well-being.  These are the areas that when you are setting your goals, you may need to focus on in order to achieve your overall life goals and not just your business goals.

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