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Brand You | Dressing For Success

Brand You | Dressing For Success

07 Oct 2016 / by admin

We have all heard the familiar saying “dress for success.” But what does dressing for success really entail?

In this weeks business bite, Scott Schwarz with All Over Media showed up ready to make an impression, gaining a comment of some sort from most every team member. With the team not knowing what his business bite would speak to he captured the room being dressed for success.

In the five minute moment, Scott gave Business Insight, Tips and Education that included some of the points.

  • In a business setting, your appearance matters. Your image educates others on how you want to be approached.
  • Successful people maintain an impeccable image. Why? Because they know that their image is part of their brand.
  • Dress for the role you want. Keep your look fresh and up-to-date. Remember, you are the top representative and spokesperson for your brand.
  • To dress for success, start by cleaning out your closet. To make your closet more functional, it must be neat and organized.
  • Then, play dress-up for a week. Wear your best looks to business meetings and everywhere you go.
  • When shopping, choose quality over quantity. 
  • Whether meeting with clients, doing presentations, or in interviews, always dress to impress. In order to do this, you’ll have to prepare in advance.
  • When you look your best, you perform at your best.
  • Beautify yourself and upgrade your personal image.


After the BITE, there was good discussion on how important it is to know your prospect and client, to be sure that you do not over or under dress. Certainly you would not where a suit and tie to a Pest Control Company, Ron Edwards agreed.

Dressing For SuccessScott Schwarz is the owner of All Over Media in Greenville. Specializing in indoor captive targeted marketing. Contact Scott if you are ready for your business to quickly communicate with prospects that you have not met yet. Reach him at 864-569-0369

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