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Be Present in the Conversation – Improving Initial Impressions

12 Jan 2015 / by admin


It’s been said that you have as few as seven seconds to make a first impression, and that number could be considered very generous. So, what steps can we take to make a solid first impression?

Utilizing the scientific findings pertaining to first impressions, we know that practicing these simple tips can drastically improve the way others initially view you.

  1. Direct eye contact: Your eyes are known as the windows to your soul, so be aware of their importance when meeting others for the first time. More often than we care to admit, our eyes are glued on our cell phones or tablets rather than the people in front of them. It is so important that you are present in the conversation at hand, and engage people with your eyes. Studies show that the you should maintain eye contact roughly 60-70 percent of the conversation’s length.
  2. Speak clearly: Speaking clearly and slowly communicates confidence, this is a critical factor especially while making a presentations. Clear enunciation and projection will play a role in supporting your stance and presenting yourself as the expert in your field, allowing your audience to begin to trust you more willingly.
  3. Listening: People relate talking about themselves to be a positive overall conversation, so the more you allow others to talk – and the more you listen – the better your interaction will be perceived.
  4. Watch your body language: Everything from a nice firm handshake to leaning in, will strongly influences your first impression that you will make, so tune in and pay attention to the signals you’re sending, and adjust them accordingly. These little details will help in making a better first impression right off the bat.
  5. Smile: Smiling is a great way to appear approachable and friendly, and it’s almost universally viewed in a favorable light.


Practice and polish these basic tips for making a better first impression, allowing you can gain a bit more control over how others ultimately perceive you.

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