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How Big is Your Frying Pan?

How Big is Your Frying Pan?

14 Apr 2016 / by admin

Today in Greenville we had an impromptu BITE from Ron Edwards, the Upstate Manager of Clarks Pest Control. Ron shared the story below to help illustrate how easy it is to stay confined in our worlds, when the opportunities can be so much greater.

There was a little boy fishing on the pond one day and an older gentleman fishing across the pond from him. The older gentleman watched the little boy catch fish after fish but he would throw the big ones back and only keep the ones that were 7 to 8 inches long.

After watching this for an hour or so and being perplexed the older gentleman walk around the pond and approached the young man. He said “son, I’ve never seen anyone fish the way you do. Why do you throw the big ones back and keep the smaller one?”…. The little boy replied well I only have an 8 inch frying pan!

You see the little boys expectations were limited by his mindset.

My challenge to you guys is “How big is your frying pan?”
You can only achieve what you expect to achieve! Set you EXPECTATIONS HIGH!

Short, sweet and thought provoking. How do you set expectations? Can you achieve more if you adjust your mindset?

While qualified Tier II Leads are certainly a focus for all team members, one of the core values is for members to sharpen each other, achieve more and to help each other Do Business Better.

Ron Edwards
Upstate Area Manger
Clarks Pest Control

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