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Ignorance Is Not A Defense | Payroll Medics News From The Waiting Room

06 May 2016 / by admin

This week the Greenville IGAL Team saw a different energy as it shifted from a weekly lunch to breakfast. There was an energy and true uptick in a desire to raise the bar. This was evident in everyone’s weekly elevator pitch.

But one stood out…. Michael Murray with Payroll Medics has a gift in getting and keeping your attention while causing you to realize how businesses move through their day. Businesses rely on certain partners that have great intentions, but perhaps not all of the knowledge needed to save them time, money and most definitely frustrations when it comes to delivering their payroll.

Payroll Medics | Payroll ServicesMeet and enjoy Michael Murray, Chief Medic at Payroll Medics. Watch the video below and then call or forward this post to a friend or colleague that just might benefit from a conversation with Michael.

Here is a link to his IGAL Profile Page

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